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tarot for the yearHow to determine the year ahead using the Tarot.

You can determine your year ahead by adding up the day you were born. Note that master numbers 11 and 22 do not get broken down. They remain as they are.

Let’s say your birthday is December 12, 1945 – and the year of your last birthday was in 2015, even though it might be 2016 currently.

You would add it like this –
1+2+1+2+1+2+0+1+5 = 15 (this would be the Devil Card)
1 + 5 = 6 (this would relate to the Lovers Tarot card)

The Lovers would be a shadow to the Devil card, so both cards will apply.

You break the total down to a single digit except if it is a master number 11,22 or 33. These numbers don’t get broken down.

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Tarot Year Ahead - Number 5

hierophant(5) Hierophant

  • Years that add up to #5 are represented by the Hierophant.
  • What you have learned during your 4 year, you put into practice during this year.
  • You will be different from others.
  • This year you may conceal truths, as if you are withholding info from others, or, someone could be withholding info from you – but there are good intentions behind it. It is not done maliciously, can have a negative result however.
  • Stress related matters can threaten your stability.
  • Studying or teaching. Oftentimes, you want to learn new things or may even go back to school. There can be wisdom and divine knowledge during this period.

temperance(14) Temperance

  • Years that add up to #14 are represented by the Temperance.
  • This is a year of healing. There are greater external forces entering into your life to right what is wrong and to restore what was lost .
  • This year will bring opportunities to bring the lessons from your past into the present in new and innovative ways.
  • Temperance will blend a perfect mix, not too much or too little. It is important to acknowledge what might be out of balance and then start readjusting.
  • You have the abilility to manage and play with time.

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