StarZone is a blog and Astrological forecast about what the Universe might have instore for you. Sometimes funny, sometimes hard ... and sometimes just plain in your face as the Universe either kisses and cuddles, or trips and whips us on our daily journey. The blog is intended to give you an overall understanding and helps you prepare for what might be instore for you. It also gives you some insight on how your moods, relationships and even career moves are affected as well as when to make important decisions and when to just sit back, relax and enjoy the view.


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December 2019

Dec1 – 8 December

Jupiter, the planet of expansion gets serious on us from the 2nd December for the next year.  Jupiter enters the stern realm of Capricorn where he becomes cautious and conservative. If you want things to happen, you’re going to need to put pedal to metal, then fortune will still favor you.
The 3rd could be pleasant for relationships. The week ends on a low energy note and you could feel somewhat disillusioned. Don’t plan any much for the weekend because you’re not going to feel like doing much.

9 – 15 December
Mercury finally leaves the deep waters of Scorpio and enters Sagittarius, shifting communication from dark to light. There’s a full moon in Gemini on the 11th which may bring a culmination of matters involving siblings or neighbors. Many will feel like victims with a square from Neptune. Stay close to reality or you could fall off the edge. Use the energies around the 13th to pursue and enhance spiritual matters. Watch for jealousy and obsession on the same day, courtesy of a Venus-Pluto conjunction.
16 – 22 December
A positive aspect between Mars and Saturn on the 19th gives a push to make things happen. Venus leaves Capricorn for the more detached Aquarius, and we enjoy a bit more freedom rather than intensity in relationships.  The solstice happens on the 22nd when Sun enters Capricorn territory and we focus on career and getting things done, or at least, planning them out. Venus makes an aspect to Uranus on the same day, hinting freedom over intimacy.

23 – 31 December
Christmas eve can be unique as the Sun makes a trine to Uranus. Christmas day brings a Capricorn new moon that is also a solar eclipse, and Jupiter joins in on the fun. Good luck and prosperity are on the menu over the holiday season.  Take advantage of all the energy and figure out your goals for next year. Mercury and Uranus open our minds to some exciting new ideas and friendships just before the year ends.
There’s enough energy in this month to thrust us powerfully and well prepared into 2020…Use the energy well!

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Wishing you a peaceful and prosperous festive season.



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