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January 2019

New yearThe first week of January brings cloudy skies, and here in South Africa, we have stunning cloudy skies with lots of rain after an epic heat wave. So, you see, cloudy skies aren’t always a bad thing!

The year starts with a conjunction between the Sun and Saturn on the 2nd. You’re going to take a hard look at matters and make some stern decisions. Its time to take responsibility for our lives and Saturn is there to remind us to do just that. Its time to clean-up after the party.

We also have a Total Solar Eclipse on the 5th with the Sun being in sombre Capricorn. Lots of seriousness as the year begins. With Saturn and Pluto in the same sign it’s a good time to see where you’re at and where you’re heading.

Be patient and not to hard on yourself with your new year resolutions as on the 6th, Uranus will come ruffle your feathers and throw your plans out the window as it prepares to go direct. Uranus will be at the last degree of Aries and preparing for its entry in Taurus. Taurus rules security and money. There will be many changes in these areas as well as technology and weather patterns.  Be prepared for a crazy ride over the next few years.

Venus enters Sagittarius on the7th. There can be exciting new possibilities, but you really need to stay connected with them as they can lose momentum, just as the arrow of the archer. Its great for short periods of excitement that don’t require commitment.

On the 11th, the Sun meets up with Pluto, Lord of the underworld. It can bring up emotional issues and its up to you to male the necessary transformations.

On January 13th, Neptune squares Jupiter and optimism can be quite skewed. Be careful of unrealistic promises and events. You might land up licking your wounds after.

On the 14th, Venus and Mars set the scene for romance to begin or to spice up things in existing relationships.

The energy may get a bit restless around the 20th, when the Sun enters Aquarius. There is also a dramatic Full Moon Luna Eclipse in Leo. Its time to re-invent yourself and go full out. This Moon will be on the degree of 0 Leo and it will be a bright Supermoon. Can you hear the wolves hoooowlng? Check where this is in your chart as it indicates new beginnings in that area.

On the 21st, Saturn and Mars are at loggerheads. Saturn wants to stop, and Mars want to go. Proceed cautiously.  The upside is that Mars will trine Jupiter on the 25th and you can see some light at the end of the tunnel.  The pressure button goes off for a short while.

Venus also gets rubbed with Jupiter’s luck on the 22nd and brings a positive short boost for love and finances.

Mercury enters Aquarius on the 24th making it difficult to convince others to your way of thinking. But its also a time where info filters in from other sources, and all you got to do is listen.

On the 31st Saturn will sextile Neptune pumping up the volume between the material and spiritual worlds, bringing a healthy balance between fantasy and realism right down to earth.

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