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Ursula in Saturday Star Newspaper - What does 2017 hold?

Saturday Star Ursula WaniaFor many South Africans, 2016 proved to be an extremely tough year with plenty of challenges. So it’s hardly surprising that most people were thrilled to see the back of the year as it brought very little joy, if any, to their lives. But are we in for yet another gruelling year? Two of South Africa’s most renowned psychics give us their thoughts on the what we can expect in 2017.

Ursula Wania

From the late 18th century on, Tarot cards have been used both for divination (predicting the future) as well as a form of guided meditation. Ursula has been reading cards for the past 25 years.

What can we expect in 2017? Although a far more optimistic year ahead, SA’s troubles are far from over. 2017 will bring many frustrations together with uncertainty, especially for the country itself.

A lot of change will happen, but the positive effect won’t be seen for some time. There will be financial issues; this can bring about an increase in crime.

There will be conflict between the different parties, each trying harder to prove they are better. Petty clashes will be triggered easily. It’s a different kind of tough during 2017. There will be more conflict, people loose their tempers more easily and road rage increases.

Depression will also be on the rise. Relationships of all types can suffer. So fasten your seatbelt, this will be a roller coaster of a ride. It would be good to try to maintain your cool and keep calm.

There will also be water problems, in the sense that it creates illness. Many people will venture into their own businesses, and most of them are likely to succeed and reap the benefits in the longer term.

A woman is prominent in helping to bring about positive change, although at first many are doubtful. New measures will be taken in dealing with corruption. Politics will adhere to hardline policies bu things will change for the better. Violence will increase; there is more fear in the air about the state of things. There will be an influx of babies.

Julius Malema will stir the pot and entice a lot of anger. It can be a tough year for him and he could also have some health concerns or injuries.

Jacob Zuma reaps the rewards of his actions; it is a karmic year for him. Egos will also take a knock.

It’s the year of Judgement and the Star in the Tarot. Although a positive card of hope and optimism, it’s not a favourite one of mine. Stars shine best when it is dark, but they usually symbolise a guiding force, so in a way there is hope.

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