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Predictions for South Africa 2019

IMG 20190106 WA0001 002We are in a waiting period, Obviously for the elections in May. Many are waiting to see the outcome of this.

President Ramaphosa will be good for the short term, but in the long term he will not. His decisions will affect South Africa in a negative way and he will not deliver what he promises. He will have conflict with a woman in power. The cards also show that he will have some problems with his health and that he might not even stay in that position for the time that he should.

Foreign investors will take business out of SA.

Someone prominent will pass away. This may be a political leader, not necessarily from SA.

Property will decline in value.

Many more people will leave South Africa during 2019, and this will increase after the elections.

A lot of empty promises will be made to the people of SA, and their dissatisfaction will begin to show during the year.

South Africans will realise what they need to do about their future in order to find stability. So, it will be a year of making changes in lifestyle and homes for many.

Theft and crime will increase. This will become an area that needs attention, but it could get very much out of control before anyone does anything about it. Unemployment will increase, and this will also have an impact on crime.

Hijackings will increase, as will Accidents and road rage.

Landgrabs will happen, and it will cause many other issues for SA.

We could go through a baby boomer year.

Corruption will continue and get worse during 2019, especially within large organisations. The greedy will get greedier and the poor will get poorer.

It’s a year of sacrifice, delays and not knowing where things are going for many citizens in South Africa. Some will do well, whilst others will do much worse than during 2018.  

2018 was the year of the Moon in Tarot. The Moon represents our emotions and it would be an emotional year for most.

This year, 2019 is the year of the Sun. The Sun can either light up your life (which is usually does do) or it can burn you. People should be cautious not to deplete their recourses.

The challenges don’t get easier but in the next 4 – 5 years, South Africa faces a big change. This change will most likely be a new party coming into power.

People need to watch their children. There will be an increase in children going missing.

Violence and protests will increase.

Springboks will do well.

Economic stress will intensify through the year.

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