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Predictions for South Africa 2020

Published in Saturday Star 3 January 2020

2020 will bring many challenges, but the changes that are implemented throughout 2020, will have a positive outcome for the future.

The land expropriation bill will be passed in its current form, but once its starts rearing its head, there will be many issues and conflict will arise. This is not going to work so well and people will retaliate, eventually forcing this to come to an end.

Cyril Ramaposa will instil anti-corruption initiatives to try and bring back investor confidence. Although, this is not at the top of his agenda right now.

The National Health Insurance, (NHI)  will be implemented with a few challenges, but surprisingly it will work better than expected.

E tolls will be scrapped with losses, but they will come up with news ways to try and recover their losses.

The perpetrators showcased in  the zondo commission will be brought to book. They will be effective changes moving forward.

It seems that the EFF will form an alliance with the ANC.

New parties will be formed, but nothing significant enough to make a change.

Zuma will be charged with corruption.

Hold onto your hats and belts, the general outlook for the economy is not favourable for 2020. Look after your finances and invest wisely.

Crime will still be an issue as the year starts out, but the people of SA are not going to tolerate it for much longer. Steps will be taken to lesson crime.

Eskom remains a problem. There will still be load shedding, but in time, Eskom sorts out the problems.

The matric pass rate will not have improved much from last year, although, there are some that have done exceptionally well. If measures are taken to improve on this there will be improvement towards the end of 2020.

Cyril Ramaposa will have pressure to serve.  He will need to take into the account the people of SA or face many obstacles.

As many obstacles as there are, South Africa will still remain a county in which you can operate and thrive.

Business will struggle but it will still be easier in SA than in other places in the world.

Woman and children will be better protected, although this will take more time to gain traction.

Highjackings will continue and taxis make their own rules, but they too will come under scrutiny.

Interest rate will not fluctuate too much.

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