Numbers & Your Day of Birth

numbersdayNumber 1 - Born on 1/10/19/28th

You are the sort of person who takes action. Your daring nature will help you move forward. You are a born leader, confident and persistent.  You will hardly ever work under others, you are too independent. Your self confidence shows. The number 1 usually holds positions of power.
You tend to be bossy and can be argumentative and are likely to have issues with people who oppose your views. You can be self absorbed

Number 2 - Born on 2/20th

You are caring and very sensitive. You are a peacemaker.  You use your emotions more than logic. You are great at compromising. Your goal is to find a harmonious way for all.  You need to work on self-confidence and be a bit more daring.  You are very loving and charming. You need a partner in your life – and an understanding one is very important to you.

It is not a good idea to push a number 2 too far as they can retaliate with a quick temper. Being a lover, not a fighter, you dislike confrontation and will make compromises to keep the peace. You can be prone to mood swings.

Number 3 - Born on 3/12/21st

You are very creative and have a gift for communicating with others.  Many top talk show hosts are born with a strong 3.   You have a keen mind and learn quickly.  You get bored easily and love having fun. You don’t like working hard and are very enthusiastic.

You have the gift of words which can open many doors for you.  You are intuitive and often sense things before they happen. Your biggest problem is trying to focus on all your interests.  Be careful of scattering your energy and possessions.

Number 4 - Born on 4/13/31st

You are the worker bees of life and can outwork most people.  You don’t like change very much.  You pay attention to the finer details but can be opinionated and stubborn. Using you practical ways you get plans going. Your self-discipline gets the job done. You are careful and cautions and not inclined to take many chances where money is concerned.

You can be very fixed in your opinions and may lack imagination. You do not like to be hurried and sometimes move slowly. You will be good at public speaking.

Number 5 - Born on 5/14/23rd

5’s are blessed with beauty and good looks. They have high sex drives and love to travel.  You do not like being told what to do. This is the number of freedom. You are adaptable and open-minded.  You have a quick mind and a desire to know what is going on in the world.  You may change your mind often and don’t like being fenced in. You enjoy having a job where you can move around.

You may have a restless nature and may be impulsive. Be careful of having too many interests, rather focus on less. You may lack discipline and this can result in problems for you.

Number 6 - Born on 6/15/24th

No 6’s love their families. They are home and family orientated. You are responsible and stable and can be possessive. You seek harmony above discord. Responsibility seems to follow you and as a child you might have been bossed around.

The 6 find pleasure in doing kind things for family and friends as well as others. You are loving and compassionate. You are a lover, you want to love and be loved. You will always want to help and support the underdog.

Number 7 - Born on 7/16/25th

You are a loner at heart, a deep thinker and always in search for the deeper meaning of things in life.  You like to do things in your own time. You have a strong mind and can be susceptible to a weak body. You have a high IQ and like analyzing life’s mysteries.

You don’t just accept information, you want to know why. You are very smart and seek the truth. You’re somewhat of a perfectionist and quite selective in all things.  The 7 should take care of themselves by resting, following a balanced diet and exercise.  Pride may get in your way.

Number 8 - Born on 8/17/26th

You will find your greatest opportunity through a purpose or a goal. You are ambitious but can be manipulative. 8 is the number of money – they either have it or they don’t. Success is the result of work well done. You may gain or lose weight easily.  The Chinese believe this number attracts money.

8 is the number of karma. You are a karmic soul. Pay attention what happens to you on 8 days; it can be karma settling old scores. You are much misunderstood and can feel lonely at times.

Number 9 - Born on 9/18/27th

Your greatest gift in life is the ability to adapt to almost anything. You adjust easily like a chameleon and are good at compromising.  You don’t handle pressure too well but are good at giving advice to other people.  You may have an interest in past life – possibly working out past life issues and bringing them to conclusion in this lifetime.

You are charming and understanding and have the ability to influence others, but you can also be cold, hard and distant and only interested in yourself. Don’t get into bad habits as they will be very hard to break.

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