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Thursday, June 7, 2012

CommunicationMercury, planet of communication, shifts to watery Cancer today. He’s not too happy when he enters the wetlands of Cancer. Our mood or emotional impression becomes what shapes our perception and we have a need for emotional security. Our communication resonates on a more personal level. We can be moody or defensive at times and may be sensitive to criticism overacting if we are challenged. It’s like we have feelers and are more able to pick up on others emotions. We may retreat back into our comfort zones, simply because we feel safe.

There’s a fortunate aspect around midday and you’re likely to feel content and in an optimistic mood. Things seem to run smoothly. You could also have a big appetite.

The Moon will be void-of-course for a short period of time from 2.38pm until 4.17pm. Moon then enters into the realm of unpredictable Aquarius. We have a need for personal freedom and don’t like being limited or controlled. They want to do things differently and can’t pinpoint exactly how they feel themselves. Atmosphere can be weird and wacky so get ready to be either shocked or surprised.

There is tense energy today too, especially later on in the day. We could be in a competitive mood and may lack tact in our relations to others. You may be accident prone, so watch out. We may be driven by a restless desire to do something, and may not be very willing to compromise or negotiate. Energy output can run high so use it in a good way.

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