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ursula_radio_interviewUrsula Wania - Tarot Card Reader

The Future is in the Cards!

Ursula Wania is one of South Africa’s most recognised Tarot Card Readers as well as an Astrologer, Numerologist and Certified ThetaHealer.

Her Grandmother was the distinguished clairvoyant Madam Fransie, who in her day was consulted by many prominent persons across the country, as Ursula is today.

Despite the scepticism of many there are those who believe their fate is predetermined. But with the aid of an expert like Ursula, their futures can be unlocked – and can thus be made known, and therefore be reshaped.

Loyal clients of Ursula’s revel at her abilities to give detailed descriptions of what lies ahead for as far ahead as five years into the future. (click here to read more)

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September 2019

Tod Inlet SeptemberTake advantage of the planets in Virgo and the aspects they make to solve problems that are in your way at the start of your month, they may also help to sharpen your intuition.

With the proper planning, it will be easy to make adjustments.

2 – 8 September

Keeping your feet on the ground might be challenging during the first week. There is a lot of celestial turbulence. You’ll find yourself scrutinising most areas of your life. Neptune will cause a lot of confusion and you should watch what you say. Also, what others say. There are misunderstandings and lies lurking around.

Rather avoid making any big decisions. If you can remain calm amid the chaos, this week can turn out really well.

September 9-15

We want things to be perfect, and when they aren’t, we may feel apprehensive. If you’re in a hurry to complete tasks Access your personal power, it will help you stay focused. 

Energy can be low at some point during the week and confidence levels can hit a downer.

Venus and Mercury will enter Libra which will be smoother sailing for communications and partnerships of all kinds.

September 16 – 22

Things stat looking up, Saturn ends its retrograde period and things will start moving ahead.

September 23 – 29

The Season change brings other change. Align yourself with heaven and earth to rebalance. You’ll have another chance to dig for info you think is hidden from you at the end of the week. However, don’t allow the Pluto, Venus square to cause love and money stresses.

We’ll get through it!

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I will be away for two weeks in September.


Enjoy your month!

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