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ursula_radio_interviewUrsula Wania - Tarot Card Reader

The Future is in the Cards!

Ursula Wania is one of South Africa’s most recognised Tarot Card Readers as well as an Astrologer, Numerologist and Certified ThetaHealer.

Her Grandmother was the distinguished clairvoyant Madam Fransie, who in her day was consulted by many prominent persons across the country, as Ursula is today.

Despite the scepticism of many there are those who believe their fate is predetermined. But with the aid of an expert like Ursula, their futures can be unlocked – and can thus be made known, and therefore be reshaped.

Loyal clients of Ursula’s revel at her abilities to give detailed descriptions of what lies ahead for as far ahead as five years into the future. (click here to read more)

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May 2019

MayI can’t believe we are already 5 months into the year. Time is flying!!

Before I forget to mention, bookings can be made online on my website. With the demand on my time I am not always able to answer calls or messages. Use this option as it will make it easier and faster to get a booking. https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=16729552

An organised and pragmatic Taurus Moon on Saturday 4th adds grounding and support to Saturn retrograde. It will be a great time to plant the seeds in down-to-earth matters like financial matters, healthy eating and work that you love doing.

Mars will oppose Jupiter on the 5th giving a boost of energy to matters and you might crave some excitement. Don’t just rely on luck, use common sense as well.

Mercury moves from Aries into Taurus on the 6th and communications become more stable and down to earth.

Venus squares Saturn on the 7th and there may be feelings of isolation and loneliness. Try not to take matters personally.

You could jump to conclusions super-fast as Mercury meets up with Uranus, so think before you speak. This happens around the 8th May. Voting day here is South Africa.

Venus will trine Jupiter bringing hope to circumstances, but later during the day, Venus also meets with Pluto which can cause power struggles. Things may calm down around the 11th as the Sun make a harmonious trine to Saturn.

The Sun will trine Pluto on the 13th so here’s your chance to try influence a situation.

On Wednesday 15th there are two very different energy shifts. Venus moves from Aries to Taurus where she is happiest. You can expect a good month for love and money matters, but on the same day Mars moves into Cancer and can make people really moody and grumpy.

Mercury makes a trine to Saturn on the 16th and another trine to Pluto on the 18th. There will also be a full Moon in Scorpio on the same day. Time to let the skeletons out the closet. You can transform something negative into positive during this time. If there’s something you need to let go of, use this energy for that.

From the 21st, the pace might pick up somewhat as the Sun and Mercury leave Taurus and enter Gemini. Gemini wants to communicate and even learn new things. There will more socialising. Mercury really loves being in Gemini so it’s a great time to brainstorm and network.

The month ends with a T-square between Mercury, Neptune and Jupiter. Mercury retrograde ain’t got nothing on this aspect. There’s confusion between these three and it will rub off!

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