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ursula_radio_interviewUrsula Wania - Tarot Card Reader

The Future is in the Cards!

Ursula Wania is one of South Africa’s most recognised Tarot Card Readers as well as an Astrologer, Numerologist and Certified ThetaHealer.

Her Grandmother was the distinguished clairvoyant Madam Fransie, who in her day was consulted by many prominent persons across the country, as Ursula is today.

Despite the scepticism of many there are those who believe their fate is predetermined. But with the aid of an expert like Ursula, their futures can be unlocked – and can thus be made known, and therefore be reshaped.

Loyal clients of Ursula’s revel at her abilities to give detailed descriptions of what lies ahead for as far ahead as five years into the future. (click here to read more)

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January 2020

JanJanuary 1 - 5

The year and week start of on a happy note. Communication and thought processes expand. From the 3rd, you’ll feel that you can achieve anything you want as Mars enters the realm of optimistic Sagittarius. 'There is a lot of Sagittarius/Jupiter energy around, so you'll need to practice moderation in whatever you set out to do, that includes signing up at a gym. That crazy enthusiasm will wane over the next 6 weeks.

January 6 - 12

Tensions may start during the 2nd week. There will be a full Moon in Cancer as well as a Lunar eclipse. In my opinion, Lunar eclipses are more positive than Solar. Being in Cancer, it is an indication that woman (the feminine) will rise in power. Full moons are usually a bit shaky and this one is in emotional Cancer.

Uranus will go direct on the same day bringing new and exciting energy.

The two heavy weights, Saturn and Pluto meet up on the 12th and although its effect will be felt, the results of it will be long term and life changing to all on earth. Being in Capricorn world banking, stock markets, government and big business are all highlighted. Mercury is also in the mix and this means there will be news globally about the transformations.

January 20 - 26

The Sun enters Aquarius on the 20th. It’s time for pushing the boundaries and making some big chances. The Sun will meet up with Uranus on the 23rd which can really shake the energy somewhat. You could be taken out of your comfort zone on this 5 day. The New moon will be in Aquarius on the 24, ushering in the Chinese year of the rat on the 25th. Excellent energy for any new beginnings.

January 27 - 31

Venus meets up with Neptune on the 27th bringing happy energy for love, but be careful because with Neptune, all is not really as it seems. The 28th may be a day when you’re low on energy, so take it easy on yourself.

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