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          Unblock your abundance through energy clearing and live a happy life!

Energy Healing

  • Do you overthink everything, worry, feel overwhelmed, hopeless or suffer with anxiety and depression, thoughts of suicide?

  • Do you suffer from feeling sick and doctors cant tell you whats wrong?

  • Are things moving around in circles?

  • Are you drowning yourself in work?

  • How about headaches, joint problems and pain?

  • Are you struggling with addictions like smoking and drinking?

  • Is your energy drained halfway into the afternoon?

  • Do you need more sleep?

  • Do you suffer with low self-esteem?

  • Are you less focused and don't produce as much as you would like to or even as much as you used to?

  • Is your memory shot due to all the technology smartphones, computers, tablets, social media.

  • Do you suffer with brain fog?

  • Are you falling apart emotionally, physically or spiritually from the inside?

  • Do you hang around with people that drink?

What is energy healing and how does it work?

Tuning in on a spiritual level these are usually caused by dark spirits, hexes, curses or spells draining your soul, making you weak and then showing up as health issues.

What you need is too have any of the above removed and your soul restored to full strength. Access to higher dimensional energy allows me to deal with this invincible side of our human experience.

I have experienced some of these first hand and have survived, and you can get through it too. A shield of protection will be placed around you and I will explain to you what can weaken your shield after your session. 

Sessions can be done without you being present. All you will need to do is have a glass of water with you whilst I am doing the session. After the session you will need to drink your charged water.

Benefits of Energy Healing

Your energy and optimism for life will slowly start returning. You will become more productive and have more energy. Things will return to normal instead of the usual issues that you have been dealing with.  This may take one or more sessions, depending on what is picked up in your first session.

Cost Per Session:

R2,800.00 per session

Due to demand, sessions must be booked in advance and appointments scheduled.

Energy Healing - Rid your life of Bad Influences & Negative Energy!

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