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June 2019

JuneJune begins with passionate and earthly trine between Venus and Pluto, helping to centre and ground you during these trying times.

The 3rd brings a restless Gemini New Moon. We want to get everything done in a day, as we are quite low on patience. With the Sun and Moon both in Gemini the focus on new beginnings can involve communications, learning something, planning short trips and spending time with siblings or close friends. The Moon will make a square to Neptune, so watch that the wool isn’t being pulled over your eyes.

On the 4th Mercury leaves Gemini and enters the rather emotional realm of Cancer. People will take things more personally, be more miff than usual and be more defensive.

On the 8th Venus leaves her happy place in Taurus for the busy life of Gemini, making us less focused but lightens our attitude towards love and money.

June the 9th makes us low on energy as the Sun squares Neptune, just as well it’s a Sunday. Might be a nice day just to take it easy, get some needed rest and dream up some great dreams.

The 10th of June may bring some luck our way as Jupiter and the Sun bestow their magic on us.  On the 13th, Mars will trine Neptune, bringing some rather unusual events.

The 14th  brings some problems when Mars and Saturn oppose each other.  On the 16th Jupiter and Neptune will be square. Take your rose-coloured glasses off around this time, as bubbles could pop!

There’s a Full Moon on the 17th in Sagittarius. This can increase sensitivity and risk taking. Be careful of getting into dangerous situations because Neptune is still involved.  Saturn should bring some Stability around the 18th but on the 19th, Mars and Pluto are at loggerheads with each other. Fortunately, Mars is in Cancer and Pluto is retrograde.

The seasons change on the 21st as the Sun enters the sign of Cancer.  Its already getting really chilly here in South Africa.  It’s a great time for any growth spurts in any area of your life.  Neptune will turn Retrograde giving you a chance to turn inward and get in touch with your higher self. It can be great for creativity and spiritual growth.

The 23rd brings a T-square between Venus, Jupiter and Neptune bringing opportunities as well as opportunities to overdo things. Don’t go overboard.

There can be some self-esteem issues as well as some issues regarding love around the 24th as Venus squares  Neptune and you might want to drown yourself in your addictions.

Mercury  enters Leo on the 26th and this brings its own issues with an upcoming retrograde in July, so check back then, to find out more.

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