Tarot Cards & Numerology for the Day

The Tarot cards for the day are worked out using numerology.  In most cases there are more than one card, so the days meaning will be a combination of the cards as apposed to the picture that you see next to the day.

Week 18 - 24 August

three-pentaclesMonday 18 August

Three of Pentacles

Don't allow anything to stand in your way of achieving what it is that you want to achieve. With the six energy today, it might be a good idea to invest some of your time and energy into your family. Take all your cooking skills and prepare a hearty meal for them. Cook up a meal they won’t forget. Spending time with someone close will be rewarding.



GildedTarotFourofWandsTuesday 19 August

Four of Rods

This card is often a sign of peace and contentment. If you’re not feeling that, maybe its time to look around you and count your blessings.

Use today's energy to do a mental house cleaning, rest and reflect on what’s going on around you. Pay attention to what your intuition is telling you as Neptune might create a sea of confusion.


2ofpentacles_gilded_tarot1Wednesday 20 August

Two of Pentacles

You might need to handle multiple projects today. It is important to try and keep a balance. The card shows that you might have to juggle things around or handle more that you usually handle.

With the day having 11 energy, you might feel rather flustered. Moon enters Cancer, so people will be more sensitive.



LoversThursday 21 August


The Lovers brings choices our way. Consider everything before committing to any decisions. Today that choice might be related to an ending of some sort, or a cutting of ties. Numerologocally, you wouldn’t begin anything new today. Mercury's aspect with Pluto could assist in solving some problems.


ten_of_wandsFriday 22 August

Ten of Rods

If you want something done correctly, you might just need to do it yourself. You can feel overworked with the Ten of Rods.  Find the strength to see it through. Today is especially good for starting something new, even if it means you have to push yourself more than usually.  Others, and yourself might feel edgy due to the 1 energy of today. The Sun enters Virgo. Look at ways to take care of your body over the next month.



WheelSaturday 23 August

Wheel of Fortune

New opportunities will come your way and things could change for the better. Be ready to make use of opportunities. It’s a 5 day so you might find that things change at the last minute. There’s a lot of energy in the air and with the Moon in Leo, their might even be some drama.



devilSunday 24 August


Oswald Wirth describes the Devil as the "Prince of the Material World" a place that could not exist without him.  Are you valuing possessions more than people or relationships? Today, put all work and possesions aside.

Express yourself, be creative, have some fun with family or close friends. Work on visualising and manifesting your dreams.

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