Week 50 : 4th December -10th December 2017

73Monday 4th December
A good day to exert yourself because you can achieve your ideals. Develop any special talents that you have today.



74Tuesday 5th December
What we think we perceive by moonlight, often looks looks quite different in the light of day. Moods can fluctuate and there can be uncertainty.



75Wednesday 6th December
Time spent with good friends or children is rewarding.




78Thursday 7th December
you could face a decision today. The time has come to wipe your slate, clean and prepare for a positive new beginning. You'll be able to see things more clearly.



76Friday 8th December
You'll be happy to have reached the stage in your striving to reach a goal. All is well and success is at hand. Everything is progressing smoothly according to plan.



Saturday 9th December
You could meet new people who may be participants in a new cycle of personal or professional growth.



23Sunday 10th December
Co-operate harmoniously and patiently with others. Issues of excess in behavior, may be on your mind. Moderation and wise management are the keys to success.


There's a need for renewal and healing now that we get a bit of a breather. Were entering a karmic cycle, that can bring about some unusual experiences that will lead to success.

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