Week 49 : 27th November - Sunday 3rd December 2017

70Monday 27th November

The Empress calls on you to connect with your feminine energy. Create beauty in your life. Get in touch with your sensuality through taste, touch, sound, smell and sight. Draw on your senses to experience pleasure and deep fulfilment. Treat yourself to a day spa, learn massage, enjoy a fine dining experience, or simply spend more time with your partner. Discover new ways to creatively express yourself.

77Tuesday 28th November

You are able to create order out of chaos by carefully categorising your thoughts and mapping out what needs to be done to solve problem. The Emperor reflects rules and regulations, so today is not a good day to break them.

7Wednesday 29th November

This can be a challenging day for overcoming the obstacles in your everyday life. The best way to do this is through confidence, quick action and dedication. The 6 of Rods is a victorious card, but you got to get rid of the obstacles first.


60Thursday 30th November

There’s lots of energy around under the Queen of Rods but if the energy is lacking, you may feel stagnant, bored and hopeless. If it is abundant, you may be experiencing a day of great pleasure and joy with a real lust for life. The perfect card for socialising, especially with those close to you.

68Friday 1st December

The Hierophant's purpose is to bring the spiritual down to Earth. It could be a warning to us against being too stubborn or rigid in our thinking, too fearful of change, especially in matters of theology, ethics or traditions.


10Saturday 2nd December

It's possible when this card appears that you are feeling ambivalent about a relationship or situation in your life. It could be that your heart is telling you one thing, and your head, another. In general, the thing to do is to follow your heart. When you can: choose love.

72Sunday 3rd December

If the Tower appears in your reading, ask yourself, “What structures in my life are breaking up?” No doubt you will already be very aware of where there is turmoil and destruction but sometimes it can be on a more subtle or subconscious level.

Seeing as though the year is nearing the end, it looks like the universe just wants to remind us of all the issues we have had to deal with during 2017 and give us a final chance to come to conclusions about what must go and what must stay. Stay calm, cool and collected...Not always easy under this combo of cards.

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