Week 47: 13th - 19th November 2017

71Monday 13th November

Chariot days can be challenging. It can be a rocky day with setbacks in getting done what you want to do. However, the day can bring you a sense of purpose. If the energy is harnessed correctly, few forces can stand against you.

22Tuesday 14th November

A good card if you have acted with kindness and fairness towards others. It is a significant indicator of a positive resolution, although how and what sort will depend on your own experiences. In neutral cases, it may simply be telling you to seek out balance in your life.

17Wednesday 15th November

You are in need of a period of inner reflection, away from the current demands of life. This  can be a physical retreat, or a search within. Only a deep and honest introspection will lead to a solution, however.


21Thursday 16th November

The Wheel of Fortune speaks to good beginnings. Most likely, you will find the events foretold to be positive, but, being aspects of luck, they may also be beyond your control and influence. Tend those things you can control with care, and learn not to agonize over the ones you cannot.

18Friday 17th November

Strength is the rawest form of power, and you possess it in some form. You likely trend towards facing your problems courageously, head-on, and conquering them through perseverance and will.



Saturday 18th November

Any artistic endeavors you are currently associated with are also likely to be more successful, as this card often finds those exposed to strong bursts of creative or artistic energy.


77Sunday 19th November

Can include leadership and authority, self-discipline, and stability through the power of action. Its positive influences suggest you may be on a path to advancement or promotion, but it can also be neutral. Watch run-ins with authority today


Looks like there's a lot that you're trying to sort out this week. You could need to sort some legal matters out or matters involving paperwork. Take time out when you need it and have the courage to get back on track when you have to.

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