Tarot Cards & Numerology for the Day

The Tarot cards for the day are worked out using numerology.  In most cases there are more than one card, so the days meaning will be a combination of the cards as apposed to the picture that you see next to the day.

Week 20: Monday 14th – Sunday 20th May

6870Monday 14th May

You could receive or give some structured advice today. Lessons are being revealed and plans of new ideas could start coming together. Focus on being creative. The day can bring action.


1067Tuesday 15th May

You will benefit more by working together with others. Don’t neglect those closest to you. you might need to make some quick decisions. Lighten up and let go of some tension.


7168Wednesday 16th May

There’s lots of movement happening today so proceed with caution. Sometimes you must get out of your own way for things to start moving. Consider both sides of an argument. It’s a good day for learning as you can master a subject.


7310Thursday 17th May

The Star brings visions of the future. Take your vision and live up to it. Take steps towards your goals. Pay attention to the signs regarding your true calling. A perfect day to begin a new venture.



71Friday 18th May

Withdraw and find the light within. You might just feel like peace and quiet. Not a day to be needy and possessive. There is victory despite difficult circumstances.


7518Saturday 19th May

Both cards are bright and cheerful. Could be good to spend time outdoors (if the weather permits). Watch that people and situations don’t drain you.


7817Sunday 29th May

Align with your purpose, go with what means most to you. Higher forces are at work, so pay attention to them. Embrace opportunities that come your way.


It might not be the most comfortable week, but it does offer new opportunities and a peek into your higher purpose. It’s a call for action, stand up and do what you believe in. You are being given an opportunity to take up your true calling.

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