Feng Shui for 2018

Here is a rundown of the good and bad areas and what you can do to enhance them as well as what you should not do to stir up the negative areas.

Good Directions / Areas:

  • Northwest
  • East
  • Northeast
  • North

Negative Directions / Areas:

  • West
  • Southwest
  • South
  • Southwest
  • Centre

By doing any alterations, digging or basically disrupting the negative directions or areas, will be giving these areas more power to cause problems.

Salt Water Cures

Saltwater cures should be placed in these areas:

  • West
  • North

The 5 different elements and how you to use them:

  • Water – A mirror, water. Shades of black, blue, charcoal or grey.   
  • Earth – Crystals, pottery. Shades of earth colors.   
  • Wood – Green plants, shades of green and brown.   
  • Metal – Metal objects, gold, silver. Shades of white, grey, silver or gold.
  • Fire – Candles, fiery images. Shades of red, orange, purple or hot pink.

fire 2017East

Indicates a high risk of burglary, deception, copyright theft, gossip and back stabbing.

  • Keep the east quiet and doors and windows kept closed.   
  • Good colours are blue or black.   
  • Bring in water element.   
  • Avoid earth and fire colours and quartz crystals.   
  • Avoid candles.   
  • Do not hang metal wind chimes here.


Arguments, disputes, loss of wealth, legal problems and hot tempers.  To remedy its effects -

  • Use red decorative objects, candles, lamps and lights.   
  • Do not use metal to control this energy for you will aggravate it.   
  • earth 2017Place a light in the northeast.   
  • Himalayan salt lamp.


Make sure you keep calm.  You should not disturb the ground by digging holes, build foundations or conduct any maintenance work with any loud equipment in the areas inside or outside your property or garden.

  • Place a six hollow rod metal wind chime
  • Six Chinese I-Ching coins
  • Salt water cure
  • Stillness together with metal cures can keep its negative influences at bay.
  • You must not place red objects, bright lights, candles or red coloured furnishing in the north.
  • Do not use the fire element or colours red, pink or purple. Keep doors closed. 
  • Avoid fire and earth


To enhance the positive energies of the centre of your home or office

  • water fountain 2017Fresh flowers displayed here will bring positive energy
  • Bring in the wood element, vibrant plants.
  • Can bring in the fire element


This area should be treated with peace and calm, no major disruptions or building.

  • Use water colours (black, grey or blue) in either bedding, pillows, lampshades or rugs.
  • You can use metal colours (white, silver or brass) or objects.
  • You can use metal colours (white, silver or brass) or objects.

metal 2017West

This area can be temperamental and unstable. This area can be a potential fire hazard so check all your cabling and smoke alarms are working properly.

  • Use a salt water cure
  • 6 Chinese coins tied with red ribbon.
  • Add metal to this area.
  • Keep this area calm and quiet.
  • Avoid fire colours (orange, red Purple) as well as candles.


saltwater cure 2017Place an image close to some crystals that represents everything you want to achieve in life.

  • You should not use fire or metal colours in the south this year such as white, silver, chrome, gold, copper or bronze.
  • Introduce some water colours such as blues, blacks and greys using items such as rugs, a floor mat, cushions.
  • Do not use metal items here especially wind chimes.
  • Bring in some earth colours.


Good for career and wealth.

  • Good colours are earth colours.   
  • Place some real quartz crystal here or the hanging faceted sphere type; these are very good for activating the wealth and business side.   
  • Moving objects like a bell.   
  • keep area active with windows and doors open.   
  • If this is a bedroom area, add water colours as it can drain your energy.

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