Feng Shui for 2017

I've writen a book in the past and since then, many clients have asked about the yearly Feng Shui. Here is a rundown of the good and bad areas and what you can do to enhance them as well as what you should not do to stir up the negative areas.

Good Directions / Areas:

  • East
  • Southeast
  • Northeast
  • North
  • Centre

Negative Directions / Areas:

  • Northwest
  • West
  • South
  • Southwest

By doing any alterations, digging or basically disrupting the negative directions or areas, will be giving these areas more power to cause problems.

Salt Water Cures

Saltwater cures should be placed in these areas.

  • South
  • Northwest

The 5 different elements and how you to use them:

  • Water – A mirror, water. Shades of black, blue, charcoal or grey.

  • Earth – Crystals, pottery. Shades of earth colors.

  • Wood – Green plants, shades of green and brown.

  • Metal – Metal objects, gold, silver. Shades of white, grey, silver or gold.

  • Fire – Candles, fiery images. Shades of red, orange, purple or hot pink.

fire 2017East

Will be auspicious during Rooster year. Good energy here can attract luck and prosperity.

  • Add a bit of fire.
  • Can add lots of the earth element.
  • A wealth vase here will do well.
  • Keep this area clean and looking good.
  • Keep the energy fresh and free flowing.
  • Its best to keep quiet and calm.


Brings love and romance, good for education and children.

  • Place a pair of something here, like mandarin ducks.
  • Can add some earth like crystals or some water and wood.
  • earth 2017Children’s books or study material also works well here.
  • Avoid fire.


This are will help in advancing career success.

  • Add metal to enhance this area, 6 Chinese coins.
  • Can also add some earth, crystals.


This area covers overall success.

  • water fountain 2017Add water and metal.
  • Leave out wood element and go slow on earth.
  • Also avoid fire in this area.


Enhancing this area in the wrong way can bring illness, discord and arguments.

  • Use metal, water and wood.
  • Use a Salt water cure here.
  • Avoid fire.
  • Avoid making changes to the structure and area.

metal 2017West

Enhancing this area in the wrong way can bring negativity in relationships, discord and arguments.

  • Add fire and metal.
  • Avoid water and wood.
  • Keep calm, don’t have TVs or computers here.
  • Avoid loud noise.


saltwater cure 2017Enhancing this area in the wrong way can bring challenges and provoke bad luck.

  • Use some water and metal.
  • Use a salt water cure.
  • A 6-hollow rod wind chime is recommended.
  • Avoid fire and earth.
  • Keep quiet and calm


Enhancing this area in the wrong way can bring unexpected negative events. Protection may be compromised.

  • Use water.
  • Avoid fire, earth and not too much metal.
  • Keep calm. No noise or renovations.

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