2013 - Year of the Black Water Snake

2013_Year_of_the_SnakeAfter the Dragon has disrupted our lives we bid him adieu and watch him stomp off as he whips his tail and heads back into the mountains.

We slither into the year of Black Water Snake on the 10th February but -- be weary… the Water Snake in not as harmless as we think – it can be treacherous, but also kind, as long as you leave it alone. You just never know with Sssnakes though. It’s not a good idea to argue with them unless you are ready to lose. They give so many people the creeps with their slithery, slimy, scaly bodies, piercing eyes and wicked tongue – but as long as they get their way, they are quite loving and ssssweet.

This is a good year to focus on how you look, jack up on your appearance. It is also a good year to start up a sizzzzling romance. Sensuality is in the air during Snake year. Matters of the heart are re-energized this Year. It is good for studies, so enrol in that course that you have wanted to do. The Snake is a lover of knowledge and truth. Re-awaken intellectual pursuits.

Taxes will be higher and luxury goods less accessible to the middle class.  Geologically, it could play out as earthquakes, electricity problems and fires. The Black Snake will bring people unexpected changes, instability, and changeability. Edgar Lok Tin Yuan warns to be careful if you are speculating on the share market during May, August and November of 2013.

So what is the antidote for the poisssson? Focus and discipline will be necessary for you to achieve what you set out to create. Plan everything beforehand, and evaluate carefully before taking any action. You need to be more cautious and watchful than ever. Signing documents of any kind requires very thorough attention. The Snake has sneaky energy that can be used to your advantage. Research and investigation are supported. Watch for over-enthusiastic commitments since Snakes inclination to spend money quicker than they earn it may produce tensions in personal relationships.

A new-found ambition to greatness will inspire you to be all you can be, and provide you with the follow through to actually achieve your goals.  Ancient Chinese wisdom says a Ssssnake in the house is a good omen because it means that your family will not starve.


Look after finances, Snake years tend to deplete your earnings. If you’re being sssneaky in any department, be careful not to get ratted out. Rumours could be rampant. Don’t lose your ability to sssniff out danger this year.



The Snake ssslithers with you as you plod along. Such an odd pair but such admiration between the two. The Snake brings inspiration, so make the best use of your potential.



Sssslow down Tiger…there is much to be learned from the Snakes wisdom. Keep a low key this year.  Snake are not amused by your haste... mistakes happen easily in the year of the Snake.


Take ssstock of your life and sssurroundings during the year of the Snake. If you are prepared things should go smoothly. Don’t let your emotions take over your rationality. Puuuurrr.



You had your turn last year, its time to step down from the throne. Make way for the Ssssnake to sssteal the show.  Get cosy in your dungeon and don’t pity yourssself -- focus on your plans and maybe exercise too.


This is your year to ssshine. Expect to be energetic and cheerful most of the time. Take it easssy... you’re perfect at that!  Rest and relaxation will do you good. Expect to find harmony in 2013.


Thingssss could become quite complicated in the year of the Snake. Life may demand a lot more than you are willing to give. Relationship issues may be main course on the menu.


The Snake enjoys your gentle nature. Enjoy the adventure the Snake year bringssss. This may come in the form of travelling, elegant dinner parties and romantic adventures. Think carefully before tying the knot.


Ssslow down Monkey… Snakes aren't impressed by your fanatical approach.  If you manage to quite yourself down, you’ll have more power and control and you will find the Snake year extremely auspicious.



This should be a sssmooth sailing year for you, since you and the Snake are kindred spirits. There could be trouble in paradise due to misunderstandings. This year brings inssspiration to develop something great.



The challenges are still on. Pay attention to your personal life, your sspouse may need your comfort and sssupport. You still need to watch finances but in comparison to last year, it will be easier.


You could feel totally disss-gruntled during the year of the Snake. Tiptoe, keep a cool head, don’t get greedy or selfish and deal with problems as they arise. Going against the current is unwissse.

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