Tarot Cards & Numerology for the Day

The Tarot cards for the day are worked out using numerology.  In most cases there are more than one card, so the days meaning will be a combination of the cards as apposed to the picture that you see next to the day.

Week 8: Monday 19th February – 25th February 2018

Monday 19th February

Try not to be fearful or stubborn of change. The Hierophant is there to remind us that we are never alone in times of loss or fear. Whatever the case might be the Hierophant signifies an event marked by fate.

Tuesday 20th February

You might get the feeling that you are not in control of things in some area of your life but remember that you always have options. It is important to try and keep a positive mindset right now. It could feel like you aren’t making progress in certain aspects.

Wednesday 21st February

Challenges might disrupt your day. You are at the mercy of a fate determined by others. If the structures you have built in your world cannot handle disruption without collapsing, perhaps it is time for new structures in your life.

Thursday 22nd February

You might have to assert yourself in a diplomatic and constructive way. Only you can take control of your own situation.

Friday 23rd February

There’s a good chance you are experiencing confusion in your life. You might not have all the pieces to the puzzle, and that’s why things aren’t making much sense. Expect changes to come along.

Saturday 24th February

You find a better understanding of things in your life and will attain a new level of insight on matters that were bothering you. Things will get better.

Sunday 25th February

Its time to take a stand even if it means making some hard choices. It’s a good time for contemplation and self-evaluation.

The Tower can be a tough pill to swallow, but strength will kick into overdrive when things get chaotic. Start listening to your needs and do something for yourself.  Let your higher consciousness take responsibility to master yourself and your world. You are in the midst of getting to know how to rule your world. Get to know and appreciate yourself.

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